There's a new French bakery in town... Do you want to taste it with me?

Sharing my love for snow and French pastries in Vienna

To my Ukrainian nature a snowy day is always a good reason to be outside. Since the weather neither in Vienna or in Berlin spoils me with many of those, I am storming out of the house as soon as I spot a snowflake.

To my immense happiness, today was the day! That is why I headed out of my apartment to enjoy a crackling snow under my shoes, to catch snowflakes with my hands and to try out new bakery with the delicious name – L’Amour du Pain (just imagine a French person pronouncing it).

The place is situated in the center of Vienna and promises to serve perfect French croissants. The reviews on Google and pictures on Instagram could not be more tempting. And I must say I am not disappointed!

The bakery, or as they call themselves Artisan Boulanger Patissier (also imagine a French wo/man saying it), usually offers a big variety of different treats. Since I was quite late in the game, the choice was smaller, but still hard to make. Look for yourself!

I could not help grabbing more than just a croissant (who only grabs one thing anyway?). I ended up getting a Gateau au Fromage, a croissant and a Tarte au Citron. The latter was recommended by the shop assistant, who said that it was his favorite.

Tasting the treats

Let’s start with Gateau au Fromage – a French interpretation of a cheesecake (pardon my simplification). A heavenly curd cream with pieces of raspberries covered with white chocolate and served on a salty cocoa cookie. What I enjoyed the most about this dessert is that the sweetness of white chocolate is neutralized by milky semi-sweet cream with a touch of sourness from berries. This ensemble is only benefitting from the crispiness of the base.

Next on the menu is the Tarte au Citron – a classic lemon tart with merengue peaks. The crunchy pastry case (it was so crunchy that I had to give up on the idea of eating it with the dessert spoon), filled with light, creamy, moderately sweet custard leaves a pleasant lemon aftertaste.

The last but the most desired one – the croissant. It ticks all the boxes of a perfect croissant: crunchy and flaky from the outside, soft and melting in your mouth from the inside with a sweet butter aroma. I ate it so fast that I forgot to take a photo of the cut.

Unfortunately for my plans to be fit (and risking to get additional burpees from my trainer), I will be a returning customer. I am already looking forward to trying their pain au chocolat and éclair. So stay tuned!

What type of French pastries do you enjoy and can recommend?

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Comments (12)

  • Those look lovely!

      3 days ago
  • All of those pastries looks lovely. Pastries are my weakness 😍

      3 days ago
  • woooow want some!!! mouth watering, the lot. no such thing where I am, unfortunately. the nearest french bakery is in Berlin, I guess - about 4 hrs by train. 😔 I shall try our resident saxon bakery, though. bet they can sell me some of their goodies...🍰🥟🧁

      3 days ago
    • Ohh Saxon bakery sounds amazing as well, especially if they have Bienenstich! I recently discovered this cake and I am on a hunt for the best one 😍

        3 days ago
    • my dream though is to eat the real Sachertorte once... my Gran often did one, but as the original recipe has never been given to anyone outside the Sacher family, I would like to compare my Gran’s and Sacher’s Sachertorte 🤪😋

        3 days ago
  • I'd love to taste it with you but, it's a little bit too far away!

      1 day ago
  • There is nothing like the sheen on a fresh pastry just before you sink your teeth in to it. Pure art enjoy!

      1 day ago