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These are all the new food emojis for 2020

What did we even do before the bubble tea emoji?

1y ago

It was recently announced that 117 new emojis will be coming to our devices later this year.

Soon we’ll be able to use the smiling face with tear, people hugging, bottle-feeding parents and the transgender flag.

It’s fantastic to see that this year gender expression and equality are being prioritised.

But what about those all-important grub emojis?

*Drum-roll please*.

Here are the eight food and drink emojis that’ll be lighting up our text chats in 2020:

Bell pepper
Bubble tea

So what’s your fave of the new emojis? Which one can’t you wait to use?

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  • I just hope they are less annoying than the laughing with crying eyes emoji super irritating Imo.if someone watch something that makes them giggle they just HAVE to fill their comment with a crap ton of these.

      1 year ago