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These are the 10 healthiest cities in America

Does your hometown make the cut?

1y ago

What do you consider a city with a healthy lifestyle? The amount of fruit and vegetables the residents eat? Or maybe it’s your access to farmer’s markets and specialty grocers’ stores?

Well, now there’s a new list revealing the healthiest - and unhealthiest - cities across the United States.

It’s been compiled by personal finance company WalletHub. They used more than 43 metrics of good health, comparing 174 of the country’s most populated cities. They looked at four key areas: healthcare, food, fitness and green space.

The food-specific metrics (which were given different weightings in the data collection) included:

Inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption ; Farmer’s markets per capita ; Gourmet specialty-food stores per capita ; Healthy restaurants per capita (this refers to vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free spots) ; Dietitians and nutritionists per capita ; Share of residents who say they eat healthy ; Google search interest for ‘healthy eating’; Share of obese residents ; and Limited access to healthy foods .

cr: WalletHub

cr: WalletHub

So, here are the 10 healthiest cities in America — according to their food rank:

San Francisco, CA

New York, NY

San Diego, CA

Seattle, WA

Los Angeles, CA

Portland, OR

San Jose, CA

Miami, FL

Washington, DC

Honolulu, HI

cr: WalletHub

cr: WalletHub

The overall ranking of the cities can be found on WalletHub - where you can also view the *unhealthiest* cities.

Using those food metrics, how healthy do you think your city is?

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  • It doesn't surprise me that where I live (Pittsburgh, PA) is more towards the unhealthy side. Gloomy weather, bad air quality, lack of green space, and high unemployment is enough to make anyone lose hope in a healthy lifestyle. Boy, that's depressing haha

      1 year ago