These are the 5 best celeb reactions to the "Hot Ones" spicy wings challenge

Who are some of the best celebrities that have featured on the famous hot wing challenge?

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A selection of the sauces which have spice levels that increase in intensity as you progress.

A selection of the sauces which have spice levels that increase in intensity as you progress.

The 'First We Feast' YouTube channel has made more than 50 celebrities endure their hot wing challenge. A typical episode consists of well known celebrities sample chicken wings, with the next wing being spicier than the last. This show isn't designed just to scorch the tastebuds of famous people, it also gives an insight into the lives of the participant.

Not every celeb gives a great reaction – but these are 5 of the best.

Gordon Ramsay

The TV chef who has made a name for himself for shouting at others featured on the show in early 2019. In the video, he explains how he deals with being such an influence to the cooking world. Ramsay tells us his endearing story of how he struggled as a young cook in education but that hard work eventually paid off and made him into the millionaire chef that he is now. He also discusses popular food trends on social media such as the "black food" trend, where all the components of food are injected with activated charcoal.

Shawn Mendes

Cue the fangirl scream. Famous songwriter and singer Shawn Mendes sampled these spicy wings whilst answering a few questions. Topics in the video range from Mendes' polite Canadian manner to how he made his rise to stardom. The Canadian singer also talks about how he loves going to the gym and never misses out on leg day. Mendes tells us about how hard it is becoming a worldwide singer and the sacrifices he made to get to the stage he is at now in life.

Halle Berry

The famous Bond girl featured on the show in June 2019. She starts the video talking about how she is able to train any dog and goes into detail about how they can be taught to attack you. She also talks about how talk shows have changed quite a lot in the last 20 years, explaining that they aren't what they used to be. Berry also reveals how it felt to be the first African-American actress to receive an Oscar. She got the award fir her role in the romantic drama Monster's Ball.

Post Malone

Now this episode is worth a watch. In this episode we learn how Post is a delicate person who is very dainty with his hands. Post reveals how he felt really awkward about his first ever red carpet appearance and how he doesn't like being hyped up in public. He also talks about how chicken should have the right crisp to chicken ratio, a factor which decides whether chicken is good or not. We should also point out that vegan alternatives are also available.

Martin Garrix

Garrix took on this challenge in late 2016, when he was celebrating the release of his hit single In The Name Of Love. From the start of the video, Garrix warns the host and the audience that he cannot handle spice. Garrix talks about how hard it is being a young DJ who is constantly on tour and barely gets rest. Having won DJ MAG Top 100 DJs three times in a row, Garrix is quite the talent. As he explains, his inspiration behind his successful career was when legendary Dutch DJ Tiesto played at the Olympic opening ceremony in Greece 2004.

Would you be able to handle the spice of these wings? Let us know down below!

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