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These are the most searched-for hard seltzers in each state

White Claw or Natty Light: who comes out on top?!

1y ago

Are you a hard-core White Claw fan? Or maybe you’re more partial to a Natty Light? Well, now you can see whether your hard seltzer preferences match up with everyone else in your state – it's the random statistic you've been waiting for!

In a frankly inspired use of Google search data, a company called Joybird has attempted to figure out “the most popular hard seltzer” in every state. (Yes, it would be more accurate to use sales data, but we’ll let it fly).

If you guessed that White Claw would pretty much dominate the nation, well… you were right. It’s the most searched-for hard seltzer in a whopping 35 states.

Natural Light Seltzer comes in top in seven states, with the recently released Bud Light Seltzer the most-searched for hard seltz in three states (okay, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania). Meanwhile, Connecticut is searching for Four Loko, Texas is going in for High Noon and Rhode Island is looking up Truly Hard Seltzer.

Strangely, Joybird is a furniture company – so why the interest in hard seltz searches? "Joybird creates furniture to complement life and give people an environment to entertain and enjoy each other's company," a representative told Thrillist. "This includes staying up to date on the latest in food/beverage trends so hosts can always have a drink that will entice their guests." Tenuous at best, but we’re all about the beverage-related search data. 😎😎😎

What's the best hard seltzer in your opinion? 🥤🥤🥤

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  • My wife loves these. I try them from time to time and some are really good. I try not to do seltzer beer style drinks. I have to say the pic you have of the aloha natty seltzer sounds good. Might have to get some for the wife “wink wink”

      1 year ago