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These are the most searched-for pies in each state

Celebrate Pi Day tomorrow with some Google data (and pie)

1y ago

Tomorrow is Pi Day! (3.14, get it?) So why not celebrate with some delicious buttermilk pie? That’s probably what you’d be eating if you’re a Texan anyway. If you’re based in California, you’d more likely be devouring a tasty boysenberry pie.

How do we know these delectable pie facts? Google, obvi. The search engine has released a map of the most-searched for pies in the US. Because that’s exactly the kind of distracting data we need in these troubling times.

The company examined the most uniquely searched pies in every state in the US over the past year. They’ve helpfully divided the map by color into fruit; custard; savory; chocolate and nuts; and other. No guesses for which color comes out on top...

cr: Google

cr: Google

And the map’s pretty surprising, we have to say. Sure, there’s the usual suspects in there - the classic apple pie (shout-out to Montana and Maine). No less than 10 states love a good strawberry rhubarb pie.

But then there’s some downright weird-sounding pies, and a few we’d never even heard of. Candy cane pie? Yes please. Sour orange pie? Okay, Florida. And whatever ricotta pie is, it sounds very intriguing. French silk pie sounds incredible *finds recipe immediately*.

Interestingly the 2020 map looks pretty different to last year’s, when many more people were searching for savory pies. Here’s the 2019 map for comparison:

🥧Does your state's fave pie match up with *your* fave pie?🥧

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  • Tomato pie here in PA?? lol I'm surprised there's not more apple pie. Strawberry rhubarb is going strong!

      1 year ago
    • I’m in South Central PA. The only reason tomato pie is probably most searched in PA is that almost everyone knows, or has a cookbook to tell them how to make pumpkin, fruit, etc. pies, but we are always having to find ways to use up the 15 billion...

      Read more
        1 year ago