These bartenders are superhuman – the world's best flair mixologists

Honestly, though

6w ago

Malevolent YouTube algorithms haunt us every day by suggesting things we don't really care about/want to see – but they do occasionally get it right. This morning, as I was watching a 'James May moments' compilation, I got a suggestion to watch a documentary on the self-proclaimed nation of Sealand (interesting, but why?!), a rap music video from the early 2000s (that's on point) and this:

I guess we shouldn't even use the term 'bartender'. We should perhaps call them mixologists, masters of the art of mixology, mixing ingredients and components, with a certain degree of proficiency, and perhaps even science, to create cocktails.

I'm sure that some of it is just theatrics, but then again that's part of the charm and the experience.

Once I started watching these videos, YouTube obviously began suggesting a million videos like these, including one that Foodtribe shared a while ago.

What is the craziest cocktail you've ever tried?

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