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These 'Brew Dogs' are delivering beer to the people of Long Island

There are good boys, and then there are these boys

34w ago

Breweries have been hit hard during lockdown. Restaurants aren't buying their products, people can't come to their stores, and their beer is going to waste. The Six Harbors Brewing Company in Long Island has navigated these tough times by adapting to accommodate deliveries and retraining some very important staff members.

The brewery has deployed its trusty canine companions, Buddy and Barley, to keep the business ticking over and keep the good people of Long Island smiling. These very good doggos belong to brewery owners Karen and Mark Heuwetter, and love nothing more than zooming around the brewery welcoming guests – ensuring they all get the hair of the dog.

Since lockdown, Karen and Mark say the dogs have been very pupset and missed going to work and meeting their brewery friends – so they have rewritten their job descriptions and put them back to work.

The brewery is now offering a home delivery service, with these handsome golden chaps as their very helpful assistants. Of course there is a uniform, which consists of a harness with a four-pack of the company's beer attached. The dogs are very committed to representing the brand.

In an interview Karen said, “When they go out and make people smile, I think people really like that. In fact, people need that these days, so when they put a smile on people’s faces they’re doing their job—which, by nature, is easy for them.”

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