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These pups are being very good boys and delivering wine

Soda is bringing wine to customers and it could not be cuter

1y ago

They say every cloud has its silver lining. But whoever said that probably wasn’t imagining that one day the silver lining of a global virus pandemic would be… dogs delivering wine.

That’s right: if you’re lucky enough to be living in the vicinity of the Stone House Urban Winery in Maryland, you’ll get your bottles of vino... uh... paw-delivered by a delightful doggo named Soda.

Customers call in with their order and wait in the winery’s parking lot as the brindle boxer carries them out in an adorable little wine saddle bag strapped to his back.

According to Delish, owner Lori Yata said: “We’ve had people call in just specifically to have soda pup bring wine out to them. People who have never even been here before.”

And it seems canines delivering things isn’t just a Maryland thing. A golden retriever called Sundance has been bringing groceries to a neighbor in need. The seven-year-old pooch is dropping off homemade meal and grocery store essentials to his owner’s neighbor, who is in her early 70s.

Renee Hellman told CBS News: "Little things like Sunny coming over to visit is nice, and it makes you feel good. It's a way of communicating," she told CBS News. And the doggo gets a duck jerky treat for his trouble, so hey, it’s a win-win.

(According to the CDC, pets are generally low risk for transmitting coronavirus.)

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