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These Star Wars Le Creuset pans are genius – and they're out on 1 November

Pan Solo

1y ago

Updated 9 October – our original story said these items would only be available in South Africa. Le Creuset has confirmed to FoodTribe that they'll be available as a limited edition in the UK from 1 November.


Star Wars fans who are also fans of cooking rejoice – Le Creuset has just announced a whole set of kitchenware designed to add a bit more force to your recipes.

These are not the droids you're cooking for

The range kicks off with a delightful trio of mini cocottes that magically blend the ability to craft individual-size dishes with your favourite Star Wars droids. Now you can also make R2-D2's bleeps while prepping your pies, or imitate C3P0's camp mutterings while reducing your jus. Oh, and there's a cute BB-8 one too.

Bring me Solo and the cookie

The droids might be cute, but they can't compete with this – a Le Creuset signature roaster with Han Solo frozen in Carbonite as its lid. It's Le Creuset's first ever roaster to come with a lid, because I guess it'd be tricky to put everyone's favourite interstellar smuggler anywhere else. Use this pan to make your slow-cooked meat a little less Chewie.

Many ovens died to bring us this information

The only thing heavier than a Le Creuset pot is Darth Vader's breathing, so rejoice – the Dark Lord of the Sith himself is now resurrected as a wonderfully sinister cast iron round casserole pot. Hopefully you're less likely to be choked by your food than by the original badass himself.

Too Hoth to handle?

Putting hot pans straight onto work surfaces is a real Padawan mistake – you'll want one of these intricate trivets to protect your tabletops. Shaped like either your favourite unoperational-or-is-it battle station or a rag tag junker of a starship, these double-sided silicon discs will protect your kitchen like a brother who fancies his sister a bit.

Oh wait, there's Porg

We spotted a little extra critter in the Le Creuset promo video for this range – a cute little Porg 'pie bird', presumably designed to let your pies vent while cooking and to stop them turning into the culinary equivalent of Alderaan (RIP).

They're available on 1 Novemb

These fab bits of cookware will be available in the UK and other countries from 1 November. In the meantime have a browse over on Le Creuset's site.

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