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Thieves steal 600 litres of beer ageing underwater


6w ago

Argentinian breweries Heller, La Paloma and Baum teamed up with the Thalassa Diving School for a cool beer ageing project. They asked for permission to house barrels of beer inside the wreck of the Kronomether, an old Soviet ship that sunk in 1991 near the coast. The bad news is these barrels of beer may have been stolen.

A few days ago, divers attempted to recover the barrels from the bottom of the ocean (around 66 ft underwater) only to find that they were missing and the shipwreck was empty. The incident has been reported and the local authorities are looking into the matter as we speak.

Juan Pablo Vincent, owner of Baum brewery, said the worst thing is knowing that "this project had sentimental value and they took away the possibility for us to learn from it".

“It was a very educational project," Mr Vincent said. "We knew it [ageing beer underwater] was being done in other parts of the world but never before had it been done here and so deep".

The idea was to blend the beer in the barrels with another type of beer for a combined 2,000 bottles and the proceeds from the sale would have been given to the 'Museo Municipal De Ciencias Naturales Lorenzo Scaglia' near Buenos Aires.

The barrels were last checked on January 19 and the breweries fear there's a possibility that the barrels were not actually stolen, but perhaps intentionally set loose so they would drift away, out of spite, basically. That would make it even worse.

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