Emilia Mig posted in Drinks
1w ago
T​hirsty? : Rank these sodas

Select your answers in order of preference.

    • C​oca-cola
    • F​anta
    • M​ountain Dew
    • S​prite
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    Comments (18)

    • I only drink water, tea and wine 😅

        13 days ago
      • I know you keep multi-pack of water in your room 🤣 don't know how about wine 🤣

          13 days ago
      • Yes water on room temperature is best for your body 😅 just makes you go to the toilet a lot

          13 days ago
    • I love me some nice Kräuter Limmo or Ginger Brew.

        13 days ago
    • Manaznita Sol a Mexican Apple soda should be up there with Appletize if it still exists.?

        13 days ago
    • Mine has to be Guaraná! After Coke of course 😁

        9 days ago
    • Wheres the ginger ale?

        11 days ago