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This 4in1 barbecue is inspired from the rocket stove

I believe this is a world's first...

1y ago

The rocket stove is just brilliant, it is a vertical stove that maximises combustion of wood within its chamber. After completing a PDC (Permaculture Design Course) at IPEMA, Ubatuba, Brazil three friends Eduardo Gayotto, Plinio Ruschi and Pedro Heldt, were introduced to the rocket stove. After being inspired by the rocket stove, they created Noori whose first offering is a multifunction and modular barbecue, based on the rocket stove, it called the V01.

Creators of Noori - Pedro Heldt, Eduardo Gayotto and Plinio Ruschi

Creators of Noori - Pedro Heldt, Eduardo Gayotto and Plinio Ruschi

The design is based on the rocket stove. It uses an "L" and "I" shape 8 inch enameled steel pipe that fits together following a 1-2-3 (opening-length-height) proportion. To manage heat and protect external contact with metal, refractory concrete was used as a burner's tub. A grill is placed on this making it have a lower grill, to this gets added a refractory concrete cylinder with handles and the "I" tube, then the second grill is placed on top of it.

Now as it is you can add wood or coal or a combination and the heat transferred via the pipe will be concentrated like a stove and you can cook on it, pretty straight forward. If you add charcoal or wood or a combination of the two, between the upper and lower grills you can convert it into a barbecue.

As part of accessories you also get a half moon grill which goes above the upper grill. You can also add a refractory concrete disk that gets placed above the upper grill and that serves as a pizza oven once you cover it with the lid. Like every barbecue if you gather around it, it will also keep you warm. It has 4 functions - stove top, barbecue, pizza oven and will keep you warm like a fire it, all in one grill - epic, it does not get better than this.

The lid and the pipes are enameled steel, the gills are cast iron, proper things to help you cook well. Like every good barbecue, it comes with a Thermometer for accurate cooking and a tripod with wheels for mobility on smooth surfaces. The handles are made from a combination of reclaimed wood and steel.

It took two years to design and test the components and it does with validation from chefs. No wonder it was shortlisted for Dazeen Awards 2019 and a winner of the itsliquid International Contest in 2018.

Because there is concrete, steel and cast iron, it weighs as much as an adult human - 80kgs, but for the multiple functions it has it is worth getting one of these. You can get it in two colours - volcano which is black and stone which is the actual colour of refractory concrete. Now you might want one and be wondering how much it costs - Brazilian Real 6,999 or approximately US$1,200 plus any extra accessories you might get like aprons, protective cover for the V01, tool kit or additional grills, and you can get that here.

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  • I MacGuyvered a micro version from tuna cans .

    3 minutes work with a can opener and a pair of forceps for bending the thin sheet metal lid into a kindling delivery pipe.

    Sorry , there isn’t an App for this .

      1 year ago