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This 8-hour queso video will send you straight to sleep (or the fridge)

The heroes at Moe's Southwest Grill have made a meditation video for us foodies

1y ago

People are dealing with coronavirus anxiety and uncertainty in different ways. Some are drawing, journalling, or going old school with a jigsaw or board game. Many of us are stress-baking and… well, stress-eating. Lots of people are recommending meditation or mindfulness as a way to unwind and take our attention off the whole world-falling-apart thing. But meditating is easier said than done.

Until now, that is. Because Moe’s Southwest Grill has released the meditation video to end all meditation videos. It’s an eight-hour clip (yes, eight) of cheese (yes, cheese).

To be precise, it’s 8 hours and six minutes long and is called Moe’s Queso Relaxation. Set to calming spa-style music, all you can see – for the length of a full working day – is someone slowly dipping a chip in queso. That’s it. For eight hours. Did we mention it’s eight hours long?

Occasionally a soothing voice will come in to offer such salient words of wisdom as "let the worry of your day drip away like queso." By the end of it you’ll either be sleepy, calm, relaxed… or some weird combo of all three.

“Sleep well and dream of endless fountains of queso,” Moe’s encourages in the YouTube description. It was uploaded on April 10 and has had 800 views so far. Although if this doesn’t go viral, honestly what will?

Sleepy or hungry: what's your main feeling after watching the queso video? 🥱🧀

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