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This 89-year-old hero is crowned McDonald's employee of the year

Hugh Ruppert says he plans to work until he's 100

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With all this doom and gloom, I think we could use a heart-warming little story to cheer us all up. And boy have we got the story for you.

McDonald’s, *drum roll please*, has bestowed the great honor of Employee of the Year to 89-year-old Hugh Ruppert. That’s right: 89. Years. Of. Age.

The absolute hero works at a McDonald’s restaurant in Piqua, Ohio. He’s worked there for the last 15 months.

Speaking to WHIO-TV, Ruppert said “it’s a fantastic feeling” to win the award and that he “loves every minute” of working there.

He said he filled out a bunch of applications for jobs but that people hung up on him when they found out how old he was. The shade! Ruppert said: “It hurt when the others hung up on me. They would be surprised at what I can lift around here.”

But it was the McDonald’s in Piqua that finally invited the absolute legend in for an interview.

Ruppert, who celebrated his 89th birthday this week, had worked at The Hobart Brothers (a welding and metals company) for 24 years. He said: “I didn’t want to sit around in a rocking chair and wanted to keep going. I want to work till I’m 100.”

Apparently the honorary employee gets up at 3am every day (without an alarm clock) and works five or six days a week. When asked if he feels like he’s an inspiration to the kids who work there, he said: “I hope that I am an example to them.”

He’s definitely an inspiration to us!

Have you ever won employee of the month/year? Tell us about it! 👇

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  • Wonderful post! Thank you so much for doing such a heart warming story!

      1 year ago
  • It’s better to work at something rather then rot away in the corner.

      1 year ago
  • Never won an award but did have a manager send other members of staff home to cut costs for the morning as he knew I could cope with the lunch shift on my own. Smugness level 1000

      1 year ago
  • What a chap.

      1 year ago