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This alcohol-infused cheese is either gross or great

Irish creme liquor cheddar, anyone?

1y ago

Everyone likes cheese and booze together - what even is a cheese platter without a nice glass of red?

But do we like cheese and booze *together* together? Aldi is on a mission to find out, with the launch of its new alcohol-infused cheese selection - and just in time for the party season.

The budget grocery store now stocks three cheddars that have each been flavored with a different alcohol - and come with their own … interesting name.

First of all we’ve got the Whiskey Business — that’s cheddar flavored with whiskey. So far, so good. Then there’s the straight-to-the-point Boozeberry Vodka Cheddar, which is cheddar infused with vodka and blueberry. Ok, we see what you’re going for there, Aldi.

But here’s where you’ve lost us. The third lactic treat is called, ridiculously, Gaelic Glory, and comprises an Irish cheddar cheese flavored with Irish creme liquor. We can’t see that sickly sweet combo working - but hey, we’ll give it a try.

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