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This amazing gadget can store, refrigerate and cook meals in one

It really does everything for you

1y ago

People who don't cook very often, often cite time as the biggest barrier. Other reasons include a lack of storage space, and the standard of kitchen equipment. However, what if all these problems could be solved, using just one piece of equipment?

Massachusetts based firm, Suvie, has come up with a genius appliance. Its smart, countertop, machine can store and refrigerate food, and cook it in a number of different ways, using four separate compartments to ensure each is done to perfection.

Tell the machine what's in each section by scanning the barcode on a specially-made Suvie Smart Meal, or give it the instructions from any other food you'd like to make and it will store it, as the specific food requires, and start cooking it, at a preset time.

This means you can fill the compartments at night, tell it what you are having, and let it know you want to eat dinner at 6pm. It will store the food in each compartment, perfectly, and start cooking each element, independently, using the method you've selected, so that it's all ready to eat at 6pm.

Alternatively, you can download the app and use it to tell the machine to start cooking your meal, remotely, if you're not going to make it home on time, or if your plans change.

The name of the company comes from the french cooking style, sous-vide, which involves cooking vacuum sealed food in a water bath. As well as using this as its main method of cooking, there are programs that can slow cook food and brown foods, giving them the appearance and taste of having been roasted – ideal for a Sunday roast.

This level of convenience doesn't come cheap, with the Suvie coming in at a cool $1199, although you do get a free cookbook, explaining how to get the most from the machine, and $200 worth of Smart Meal vouchers. It's currently only available in the USA but, if it takes off, it expects to ship globally.

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