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This app makes it easy to support craft breweries through the pandemic

Tavour is launching a curated box of beers to support indie beer-makers

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1y ago

Smaller, local breweries are being hard hit by social distancing measures as a result of covid-19.

But now there’s an easy way for you to support independent breweries — whether they’re based locally to you or not.

Tavour is an app that allows you to order custom boxes of beers from across the US. They work with more than 650 independent brewers from 47 states.

Now they’re launching a brand new box each week that will support different indie breweries. Each box will be curated and showcases great breweries from across the country — so it’s a great chance to sample beers from outside your local area.

Purchases of each box goes to benefiting the breweries featured in the box. An additional $5 from the sale goes towards fighting for legislation that makes it easier for independent beer-makers to serve their fans.

The "IPAs from Coast to Coast" box launched on March 20. It features:

—Street Sodie New England-Style IPA - 4 Hands Brewing + Shared Brewing

—DDH Fairy Nectar London Hazy IPA - Kros Strain Brewing

—Greed Triple IPA - Anchorage Brewing

—Double Pillow Imperial New England IPA - Common Roots Brewing

—Wandering Thoughts Imperial IPA - Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing

—Extra! Extra! Imperial New England IPA - Masthead Brewing

It’ll be donating to The Brewers Association.

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  • I'm downloading it as I comment!

      1 year ago
  • I wish we could ship international

      1 year ago