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This baby photographer is now snapping food

Gorgeous, soft and cuddly, food photography is the sort of happiness we all need

1y ago

It is quite possible that current situations within the world are causing people to adapt at an unrelenting pace in order to try and keep up with the constant changes that are occurring.

The most significant global concern at the moment is, of course, Covid-19. Individuals and organisations have been forced to rapidly rethink their day-to-day operating styles to adjust to the needs of the continuing health and economic disaster.

Those particularly hard hit are likely to be people who work for themselves and won’t necessarily have the financial backing to simply sit back while the crisis unfolds. Therefore, ingenuity is key to support their livelihoods through the struggle.

In Connecticut, US, a photographer who usually specialises in shots of teeny tiny babies has switched the direction of her lens to a rather more magnificent entity (in my opinion, anyway): food.

It is not difficult to understand why demand for photos of newborn children may have dropped off somewhat over recent weeks given that everyone is supposed to be shutting themselves up indoors. Thankfully, the market for spectacular food photography can always stomach more, especially when they’re developed in the speciality format devised by Ute-Christin Cowan.

From hotdogs tucked up in baby clothes to cheese on toast being promoted to well-deserved royalty, Cowan has taken inspirational steps to promote her business.

As well as backing her own endeavours, Cowan is creating the original photographs of food in order to support local companies in her area that are also struggling due to coronavirus. One sector that has been especially affected is hospitality, which has seen restaurants enter difficult times as the number of diners has dropped.

Cowan’s efforts are yet another display of hard-working and ambitious community members providing much needed help to each other. However, what people really don’t need to see is a combination of babies and food, because baby food always looks irreparably repulsive.

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