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This bar is delivering cocktail kits to ease your social isolation

Quarantini, anyone?

44w ago

As restaurant and bar closures sweep the nation in an attempt to slow the spread of coronavirus, one bar in Los Angeles has stepped in to make socially isolating a little bit easier.

Giving the idea of quarantini a whole new meaning, a bar called Employees Only is delivering cocktail kits throughout greater LA.

The West Hollywood bar is making the kit available on Postmates. Some of Employees Only’s most popular cocktails, including ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’ (honey, pineapple, pink peppercorn, fresh lime juice, hellfire bitters) and ‘The Billionaire’ (EO homemade grenadine, EO bitters, fresh lemon juice) are on the menu. Check out the options here.

According to Eater, o-owner and manager Tom Sopit said: “It’s a stressful time for everyone and people are already getting stir-crazy. We saw some news yesterday about the Japanese trend of friends drinking together online (on-nomi), and love that people don’t want to give up on grabbing a drink with friends.”

The DIY kits include everything except alcohol and ice. “The only thing you have to do is add a two-ounce pour of the suggested spirit and give it a good eight-second shake,” says Sopit.

Employees Only also has spots in Singapore, Miami, Hong Kong, Sydney, and New York.

What's your tipple of choice in these difficult times?🍸

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  • I would order that! Makes my life easy.

      10 months ago