This burger is James-a-licious! #NAMEADISHCHALLENGE

Full of fresh ideas, well structured and incredibly good, much like our own James ❀️

Brioche like a podcast

Smooth texture, tasty choice of ingredients and improvisation that just works. Much like our dear friend James. I've made the brioche by improvising with a fluffy pizza dough recipe in the breadmaker and it turned out fantastic! I've rarely done my own brioche before and never by using this recipe, but the improvisation worked even better than expected.

Gentle heart, full of compliments

The patty is made of finely chopped Black Angus meat, a bit of grated butter, just a touch of mustard and a mix of 21 different spices, and herbs. Medium cooked, to retain the juicy texture and covered with compliments all around, much like James does on every single article. And like the patty, he's always honest and heartfelt with his choice of words! As for the compliments, they are smoked gouda cheese, marinated (with olive oil, lemon juice and spices for one hour) red onion rings, grilled bacon, rucola (I love it in a burger) and homemade burger sauce. As per usual, I've overdone it with the Carolina Reaper in the sauce and I'm still sweating, two hours after I've eaten it! πŸ˜‚

A top bun like no other

I thought, why would you not combine burger and pizza? So I did just that, because James is unique and The James-a-licious had to be unique! So I've taken the top bun, removed the very top, turned it upside down, grated some butter on the now bottom of the bun, then added on top tomato sauce, pepperoni, a piece of fresh pink tomato from my own garden, grated mozzarella cheese and a pinch of dried oregano. Got that in a small tray and in the oven until the mozzarella melted and the bun was crispy around the edges, but just at the right amount. And then the James-a-licious was finished! It is truly wonderful, just like our own James! ❀️

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