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This cherry spiced rum will make you feel like a fruity party pirate

At least that's what we think

Tim Rodie posted in Drinks
1y ago

Kopparberg has just released a cherry flavoured rum.

You probably know Kopparberg from its delicious-for-one-bottle-but-then-your-teeth-fall-out sweet pear and fruit ciders, but after a brief foray into gin, the brand has now moved into the rum market. Because pirates, presumably.

It's just gone on sale in Asda supermarkets in the UK, as the above photo from Well This is New on Twitter shows. You can either pick up a 700ml bottle of the 37.5% cherry-flavoured gut rot, or you can pick up 250ml cans of it pre-mixed with cola.

The official line on the drink comes from Rob Salvesen, who's head of marketing for Kopparberg. He said: β€œWhether you’re an existing Kopparberg fan, or a rum fanatic who’s new to the brand, Kopparberg Cherry Spiced Rum is here to inject some energy and excitement into your summer. Best enjoyed with a few friends, grab yourself a bottle or a couple of premixed cans as the tempo picks up and the darkness kicks in.”

We've not tried it yet, but it looks like those of us with a bit of a sweet tooth and a penchant for the most naval of booze have a new summer option to try.

We'll leave the last word to the marketing blurb for the drink, which reads: "Step into the darkness and explore the secret of our spirit. Dark spiced rum infused with premium fruit flavours, inspired by the Swedish forests surrounding the town of Kopparberg."

Presumably these forests are now chock full of swaggering people singing sea shanties.

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