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This chunky dog loves feasting on Doritos

Adorable puppy Skylar is what we should all aspire to be

James Lewis posted in Pets
49w ago

How many bags of crisps have you managed to devour in a single sitting? At least several small bags, surely.

When the bags get to the size of Doritos proportions though, even food beasts like Eddie Hall would struggle to guzzle them down one after another.

Thankfully, that has never been a problem for an adorable Jack Russell called Skylar, whose hobby appears to be just eating cheese flavoured crisps. As well as regularly finishing off her fellow pup’s food, she would gorge on Cheddars and Hula Hoops – and even chomped through a box of Ferrero Rochers at Christmas. She really is my idol (or should that be idle?)

But the chonky cherub’s pigging out days are over because Skylar has been put onto a strict new diet. After weighing in at nearly twice her healthy weight with a recording of twenty two pounds, it’s carrot sticks and very long walks from now on. Whatever happens with her slimming regime she’s guaranteed to maintain her title of queen of cuteness.

If Skylar’s owner needs to rehouse all of those treats I will happily provide my address.

How many bags of Doritos could you handle?

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