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This company's caffeinated mints promise to rival actual coffee

What if you could chew your coffee?

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Caffeine and energy drinks are the all-too-popular methods of getting that burst of energy we so desperately need whether it's in the morning or after that afternoon slump. More recently though, caffeinated alternatives to those traditional methods have started making themselves known in the market. If you frequent social media, chances are you've seen ads for Neuro Gum or Run Gum. These products present themselves as alternatives to caffeine and energy drinks for those who still want the same boost without frequent bathroom visits.

Viter Energy takes a different approach. Apart from the usual caffeine gum, the company also sells caffeine mints with the same overarching idea of quick, convenient energy. After ordering a sample pack of mints from their website and genuinely enjoying the experience, I was curious to hear from the founders about how this idea came to fruition. I mean think about it. Mints like Altoids are extremely popular to the point where I’d be more surprised if I walked into an office building and didn’t find a tin of them on someone’s desk. So why had nobody yet made caffeine mints for the mass market? Here’s how it happened.

Q: How did the idea to create Viter Energy come about?

A: We were at The Dave Matthews Band concert at The Gorge in Washington State, and had standing room only tickets right in front of the stage in a place called The Pit. This was during Labor Day Weekend, and it was really hot so we were tired. We had a dilemma though because if you leave The Pit it’s really hard to come back to where you were before since people behind you fill the space when you leave. So we wanted an energy boost but didn’t want a drink that would make us have to use the bathroom during the show. We were wondering if caffeine mints existed or not, as neither of us had heard of them before, but we thought it was a great idea since that’s exactly what we needed then and there. The next day after the concert we got started on Viter Energy!

Image courtesy of VIter Energy

Image courtesy of VIter Energy

Q: Why did you decide to make energy gum/mints instead of energy...something else?

A: We started with caffeinated breath mints since that’s what we wanted at the concert. After that what we learned from our customers was that they wanted more caffeine per piece. So we came out with extra strength breath mints with double the amount of caffeine per piece and we called our first mints the original version. Then after the extra strength mints, customers told us they also consumed caffeine gum and wanted a different type of caffeine gum from what already existed on the market. Every decision we make is guided by our customers and fans.

Q: Do either of you drink energy drinks?

A: Yes, we consume all types of energy products!

Q: How has business been so far? Are people supportive of the idea?

A: Business is good, people are supportive of the idea. The biggest problem we have is that people don’t know caffeine mints and gum exist.

Image courtesy of Viter Energy

Image courtesy of Viter Energy

Q: How do you compete with other businesses like Neuro Gum? What makes Viter Energy stand out?

A: We have many competitors. We even consider coffee a competitor! We care about 3 things - efficacy, taste, and value. Our products have to work well, they have to taste great, and they have to be of great value. That’s been our focus and we’re lucky to have customers who agree!

Q: Do you have other flavors on the way?

A: We’re always doing R&D on new flavors and products! We currently have 5 original mints flavors - wintergreen, spearmint, cinnamon, peppermint, and chocolate mint. A lot of customers ask for fruity or ginger flavors. We currently have the extra strength mints in peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon, so soon we’ll roll out the extra strength in spearmint and chocolate mint too.

Q: Is there anything you want people to know about the company that I haven’t asked about?

A: We’re completely customer-focused as we recognize that without our customers we can’t exist. We love it when customers reach out to us and give us their input. In fact, we’ve actually changed products, flavors, and packaging, all due to customer feedback! We sincerely care about creating products that help our customers, and we do this by making products that provide a real energy boost, powerfully freshen breath, and do it all at a great value.

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  • That's kind of a good idea. But I can't replace my morning brew with mints. Maybe I'd take a mint on a lazy afternoon, but that's about it for me.

      1 month ago
  • Would you have caffeinated mints instead of coffee? @tribe

      1 month ago
  • Nice idea but it will never replace my coffee

      1 month ago
    • Again, not meant to! Just a supplement to coffee when you can't have a cup

        1 month ago
    • These would be great for road trips!

        1 month ago
  • Love this. I'm only in coffee for the caffeine; I can't be bothered making them properly

      1 month ago
  • I would have consumed so many of these mints while I was at school!! I would try them. It seems they could be a practical way of getting caffeine on one of those busy days given that coffee in the office usually tastes like punishment 😅.

      1 month ago