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This gaming headset feeds you chips

Pringles unveils a totally pointless invention that we really love

1y ago

You know that feeling. You’re so deeply engrossed in playing a game that everything else fades away and you forget where you are, what year it is, the fact that you haven’t taken the trash out yet, etc.

One thing that doesn’t go away when you’re gaming is your craving for chips. And you can't interrupt precious game play to perform the simple act of ... picking up a chip. Or it seems that’s what Pringles think anyway, because they’ve taken it upon themselves to invent a headset that *feeds you Pringles* mid-game.

Called, brilliantly, the ‘Hunger Hammer’, the contraption is essentially a series of 3D-printed parts that can be attached to a Razer headset. Kinda like those beer hats you see bros wearing. The invention works by holding a can of chips on the side of your headset. It feeds down into a mechanical arm, and when you push a button, it will feed you a chip — so your game is uninterrupted.

Pringles said: “Pringles has unveiled a gaming headset that does double-duty as an automatic chip dispenser. Hungry gamers can stay on their controllers and be fed chips hands-free by the Pringles ‘Hunger Hammer’ as they play on.”

It’s just a prototype for now, and is unlikely to be made into a product, but several gaming influencers have been given one to try out.

Engadget’s review said: “It makes us rethink our relationship with food when it comes to our on-demand, always-on connected lifestyle.

That’s not really true. I just wanted an excuse to eat Pringles at work.”

Is this invention really necessary? No. Do we completely love it and want one for all activities? Obvs.

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