This giant Creme Egg build thread reminds us that chocolate is better bigger

Easter can't come quickly enough

1y ago

With Easter around the corner it's time to start daydreaming about all those chocolate treats you've always promised yourself, but never actually indulged in. Things like Hotel Chocolat's ginormous chocolate Ostrich Egg. Or, perhaps, a ginormous Cadbury's Creme Egg...

Sadly the enlarged goo-filled chocolate canister doesn't exist – but that didn't stop Scottish Twitter user Hargi from getting a few bevvies in and building his own.

When a Twitter thread starts with "First night drinking in nearly 8 weeks", you know it's going to be good. And Hargi delivers.

This does initially raise a few questions – most importantly: "Where can I buy a catering-size box of Creme Eggs?". And also: how have you separated a Cadbury's Easter Egg shell without it crumbling? I mean… we know they're not actually bonded together these days, but they have all the structural rigidity of the Wright Flyer.

But onwards the thread ploughs. And we start dribbling a bit.

30 Creme Eggs are needed to make a full-size one

Oh my days. The way the orange whirls into the whites. It's magic.

You can sense the jeopardy here. You've spent a lot of time scooping goo into two chocolate shells, and now they're like your precious newborn twins. But how do you conjoin them without spilling the goo or cracking the shells?

A rim of molten chocolate and that's it. Refrigerate them and there you go.

Now Hargi puts himself in front of camera for the first bite. Imagine eating the whole thing. Do you think you'd ever sleep again?

Blimey. The TL;DR here is that it takes 30 Creme Eggs to fill a regular easter egg shell. And probably a lifetime of regret if you choose to eat the whole thing.

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