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- The Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition. Pic Credit: Super Veloce.

This is one of the coolest coffee makers of all time – and it costs €10,200

Inspired by – and looks like – a Porsche engine

1y ago

Super Veloce, a South African company, makes coffee machines inspired by car and aircraft engines. Its latest offering is the Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition, which pays tribute to the Porsche 993 air-cooled flat six engine – and even looks like one. The RS Black Edition is based on the Flax Six coffee machine already offered by Super Veloce; it's just a cooler upgrade.

The machine is handcrafted using the best of best aerospace grade material, like surgical stainless steel, aluminium alloy, titanium and carbon fibre – all things that car fans need. A small note: since it is based on an engine it's heavy too, weighing 21.5 kg. The best part? It plugs into all types of plug points with any voltage output.

To pay tribute to the 993 air cooled engine, only 993 examples of this coffee maker will be manufactured and sold globally – at a cost of €10,200 before delivery, customs and VAT. In my humble opinion, as a car fan I would love to have a coffee maker that looks like this. Could it be the coolest coffee maker of all time?

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