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This lunchbox has $1.2 million pledged over its $10,000 goal

It comes with its own mat that carries it.

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It is called FoldEat, it is a very practical lunchbox and carry pouch that it comes in transforms into a table mat. It is rather a work of genius. The Lunchbox comes in a bag. Unclip it and then unzip it and it transforms into a mat with your lunchbox in the middle, cutlery on the side and also any dips you have. Once you have eaten you just fold the mat into a bag and you are on your way.

This is a pretty cool idea, because till date a lunchbox is just a tupperware like box that you put in your bag and take with you or is the sandwich bag that you have tucked away in the kitchen drawer. This transforms it to help you enjoy your meal.

neat gives you a phone stand along with it. Pic Credit: FoldEat

neat gives you a phone stand along with it. Pic Credit: FoldEat

All you have to do is prep your meals and can carry meals in it for a day in it or for two people along cutlery for the same. It is like a miniature backpack that is meant for you to enjoy your meal. You can take it to work, school or even a picnic. Also you get a phone holder with it, integrated into the clip for when you need music or any other form of digital entertainment on the picnic.

Since, the bag transforms into a mat you don't have to worry about a picnic hamper or worry about dirtying it - wash it your washing machine. The best part is you can carry liquids as well in a specially designed case, for when you want to snack on yogurt.

I know why this lunchbox made over $1.2 million dollars crowdfunding with more than 10,000 people this idea. It is very simple - it is more practical and it looks cooler than every lunchbox you ever had. You can get it here - its FoldEat's kickstarter campaign page and you save $50 on the packs they are offering and they have only 32 hours left for the campaign.

P.S. in the time it took me to write this and get this article ready, $50,000 was pledged and I had to change the title of this piece from $1.15 million to $1.2 million.

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