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This phone case comes with a fried chicken pop socket - we're not kidding

A design initially spotted on China has surfaced on the internet with a rather peculiar design feature, so what is it

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2y ago

As if Instagram wasn't filled with enough food, you can suppress your fried chicken needs with this phone case. Asian Instagram users were beguiled by the interesting design when the realistic look of the pop socket fooled some people. So why is this so popular?

Multiple items of food have been put on phone cases before but this is the first time where the practicality of the case has been improved by something that is not mundane or bland.

This phone case is available for $12.99 for the iPhone 5 to the iPhone X. The rubber case is said to be very secure and is able to protect your phone very well.

The description reads that the chicken element of the case is "super real". The design protects your phone from any scrapes and will keep the screen crack free due to its raised edges.

This may not be the first ever chicken themed it most likely is one of the most realistic products on sale. There was once a time when phone cases were used for boring insurance purposes but this phone case demonstrates just how phone cases can be both protective and interesting.

You can buy this item for only $12.99 here

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