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This restaurant offers customers hotdogs and insults

Reverse psychology taken to the next level.

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It has been long established that the restaurant industry is a struggling trade. Thanks to the upsurge in the availability of cheap, home delivered fast food the delights of popping out to be waited on are now seen as being too expensive and inconvenient. If only there was a way of putting quality chefs into people’s homes.

Well, in recent months it could be widely suggested that this has happened – perhaps with the removal of the word “quality”. The ingenious cooking habits of social media users have spread across the internet, providing people with extraordinarily simple and cost effective ways of eating from the safety and mess of their own home.

Neither of these developments are good news for eateries. Therefore, originality and determination are currently the best ways to return the fortunes of companies to historic highs – and there is perhaps no experience more exclusive than that being offered by a hotdog stand in Chicago, USA.

The Wieners Circle – located in the Lincoln Park area of the city – has gained itself somewhat of a reputation during its time in business for conjuring up an unexpected operating model that involves taking customer service to an extreme new level.

As well as indulging some undoubtedly delicious hotdogs, customers have the option of receiving complimentary torrents of verbal abuse with every order – an idea that Ronald McDonald has yet to embrace. The intention is that people will be amused by the insults and fight back with some of their own, encouraging some (hopefully) light-hearted engagement.

The scheme has had to be updated recently to accommodate the chaos caused by COVID-19 and the changes have been announced in an expletive-filled YouTube video hosted by The Wieners Circle’s Chief Insult Artist. Finally, a job that class clowns can aspire to.

Food ordering is now being pushed online with purchasing available through FaceTime and UberEats. To ensure that customers remain adequately offended they can choose to receive “Curbside Abuse” if they collect orders themselves and can select their own insults, including “Middle Finger”, “Mama Jokes” and “Millennials”.

In addition to the excellent service of providing indiscriminate abuse, the hotdog chain has stated that all sales will support Chicago’s Black-Owned Restaurant Relief Fund and Chicago’s Covid 19 Fund. Surely endorsing laughter and good causes is an unrivalled business model for success.

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Comments (6)

  • Very interesting

      10 months ago
  • There is a very successful concept of "medieval" restaurants with the "abuse-language service" in the Czechia. You have to eat with spoon or by hands only. The servers are very rude and sometimes splash meals. Then there is a "cultural" program on weekends when ballad-singers try to wow you, you can play cards and other games with bunch of thiefs, there is a sword fight sometimes. I've been in Písek and the main thing is - the food is magnificent. The duck with cabbage and potatoes was a fairy tale.

      10 months ago
  • I just wonder whether there's limits. And whether FT should put a man on the ground to test this.

    James, I don't suppose you're in Chicago?

      10 months ago
    • I could phone an order from the UK. Then I'll find out just how bad the abuse can be

        10 months ago
  • It's dinner theater. I'd go. I had seen a short video review of their dogs previously, judiciously bleeped, but I imagine they ramped it up a tad for this commercial. Gotta survive.

      10 months ago
  • The hotdogs look so delicious 😋

      10 months ago