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This restaurant will seat customers next to mannequins when it reopens

They'll all be dressed in vintage couture for that extra creepy vibe

1y ago

Whether it’s wearing masks while we shop for groceries or grabbing our take-out from the side of the road, we’re all gradually adjusting to this surreal new COVID-19 world.

One bizarre new ‘normal’ you might have to get used to is dining with mannequins. That’s right: a restaurant near Washington, DC plans to seat mannequins at unused tables to help the dining rooms feel less empty during social distancing.

The Inn at Little Washington, which has three Michelin stars and is considered one of the world’s best restaurants, will be making the slightly creepy addition to its fancy dining room when it reopens for dinner on May 29. The mannequins will all be wearing vintage, 1940s-style clothes too, for that perfect haunted-old-bistro vibe.

This week the restaurant posted an Insta with the caption "Social Distancing is 'INN' style."

According to Eater, a spokesperson said the set will align “within the whimsical vein of the Inn’s reverently irreverent approach to hospitality.” The restaurant is collaborating with Arlington’s Signature Theater and Design Foundry on the… project.

Apparently the servers will even be asked to attend to the mannequins, which may be a step too far, but hey, who are we to judge.

According to TODAY, chef and owner Patrick O'Connell said, "I've always had a thing for mannequins. They never complain about anything and you can have lots of fun dressing them up. When we needed to solve the problem of social distancing and reducing our restaurant's occupancy by half, the solution seemed obvious — fill it with interestingly dressed dummies. This would allow plenty of space between real guests and elicit a few smiles and provide some fun photo ops."

Dining with mannequins: terrifying or fun? 🤡🤡🤡

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  • Would they play a recording of human voices too? :D

      1 year ago
  • That's way too creepy I'd rather sit alone on my couch with takeout.

      1 year ago
  • I'd prefer to eat with mannequins.

      1 year ago