This trick will change the way you drink your Starbucks bottled frappuccino

Have we really been drinking these wrong all this time?

1y ago

Missing your daily Starbucks frappuccino fix because of lockdown? Look no further than the Starbucks bottled frappuccino. Recently, a post on TikTok is gaining traction for demonstrating the 'correct' way to enjoy the signature Starbucks bottled frappuccino. The user, Natalie Lee, decided to freeze the bottled frappuccino to see if it really lives up to the claim of being a "chilled coffee drink". Much to everyone's surprise, it worked.

As it turns out, once you freeze the bottled frappuccino for a few hours, it actually turns into a frappuccino. Albeit, it does require a little shake, after which the liquid turns into a blended ice drink, à la café-style Starbucks frappuccino.

Despite the technique gaining massive popularity on social media, some have voiced their concerns over freezing the glass bottle - including Starbucks Corporate. In a statement from Starbucks, although they 'admire the creativity' of their customers, the coffee chain does not recommend freezing the bottled frappuccinos, as this may cause the glass bottle to crack.

As an alternative, Starbucks encourages that customers who are looking for a cool and creamy drink, should 'pour their Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino over ice, or shake with ice in a cocktail shaker and pour into a chilled glass'. Another option would be to add the drink to a blender with ice, blend, and pour into a glass to enjoy the same icy frappuccino goodness, minus the risk of bursting the glass bottle, if frozen directly.

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