This vegan company offering meat-lover £4167 a month to go plant-based

If you've been wanting to go vegan, this is a sign!

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With 'veganuary' in full swing, Veganism is becoming more and more popular every year. But what if you could get paid (a rather substantial amount) to go vegan? Well, this is your opportunity.

Vibrant Vegan is looking for a 'Vegan Curious Coordinator' to convert to a fully-vegan diet for three months. Not only that, but you'll also get paid £4,167 per month - the equivalent of a £50,000 per year salary!

You wouldn't even have to buy the food, as Vibrant will be providing the lucky applicant with an unlimited supply of vegan meals to facilitate their new diet, along with the optional support of a registered nutritionist and chef, to help them adjust to their new meat-free diet.

Should the 'chosen one' then decide to stick to their new way of life, they will also have an option to sign a contract extension for the remainder of 2021, committing them to go meat-free for the rest of the year, in exchange for a lifetime supply of Vibrant meals.

Vibrant advertises the job role well: "As our Vegan Curious Coordinator, it will be your role to trial and test vegan produce from a devoted carnivore's perspective and share your honest thoughts on social media. For a three-month period, you will have to take on the challenge of not consuming any animal by-products. You will get an unlimited supply of our vegan ready meals to keep you going, and have our registered nutritionist on hand to help you plan meals, while a chef will also be available to help you adjust to your new meat-free diet."

Does this sound like the perfect opportunity for you? Well, so long as you're between 18-65 years old, and can provide an example of your current meat-heavy diet as part of the application, you'll be in with a chance of winning this exclusive opportunity.

Vibrant Vegan founder Iain Burke-Hamilton said: "There was a time when being vegan was an all or nothing lifestyle choice, and vegan food options were considered lesser than their meat-based counterparts. As we head into the New Year, we at Vibrant Vegan want to demonstrate not only the health and environmental benefits of being vegan that we hear so much about, but also highlight that vegan food can, and should, be enjoyed by everyone. Even the UK's biggest meat lover!"

Applications are now open, and will close on January 25th.

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  • I am vegetarian, not vegan.

      1 month ago
  • Can those chefs make kung pao chicken without chicken?

      1 month ago