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This website tells you all Costco’s bargain secrets

The fan-run site even shares the deals that Costco doesn’t advertise

1y ago

Whether you’re in the market for a jumbo pack of Cheerios, lawn furniture or even a cheese board - there’s only one place you’re going. Costco.

The deals are pretty much unbeatable.

And now there’s a website that will give you the inside scoop on how to make the most of the wholesale store’s bargains.

It’s called Costco.97 and it’s run by fans… or Costo-holics, as the site lovingly labels them.

The site tracks and shares the best Costco deals - especially those that the store doesn’t advertise.

cr: Costco.97

cr: Costco.97

Even the name of the website contains an important Costco secret...

The site explains in its welcome message: “What the heck is a $x.97?! Any product sold at Costco that has a price that ends in .97 is one that is on clearance and probably won’t be sold again in the store once sold out. Costco does not advertise these sales and they vary from store to store and region to region.”

The site (which isn’t affiliated with Costco) has more amazing Costo shopping hacks, helping you to decode the store’s price tags. It includes the tip that price tags with an asterisk in the upper right hand corner are discontinued and won’t be back - so get buying quick! You can read all the hacks here.

As well as these general tips, Costco shoppers from around the country can share “secret” deals they’ve come across, with the location they found it at. So you can get down to your local Costco and bag a bargain.

What's the best food deal you've ever got at Costco?

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  • Thanks for posting.

    Keeping a tight budget in many ways defines the history of the US.

    In fact, Chevrolet made a film on this very subject, titled " American Thrift " :


    So it's always heartening to see a sharp focus brought upon the topic of Home Econ. 101.

    Companies like Costco often demonstrate this Axiom, written in 1776 :

    The rate of profit does not, like rent and wages, rise with prosperity and fall with the declension of the society. On the contrary, it is naturally low in rich, and high in poor countries, and it is always highest in the countries which are going fastest to ruin.

    – Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations

      1 year ago