Thought pigs in a blanket were just for Christmas? Sainsbury's says no

An adorable rebranding for the typically festive food

Kyra Sage posted in Meat
1w ago

As the warmer weather becomes more prevalent and BBQ season approaches (maybe it's already here for some of you!), we can't help but think about all of the BBQs, general outdoor gatherings and holidays we have coming up – and the foods we'll be indulging in.

Sainsbury's is evidently thinking the same thing, because they've launched a new product perfect for any of these occasions. Pigs In Beach Towels, and no I'm not kidding.

Sainsbury's reported that over the Christmas holiday, over 20 million pigs in blankets were sold, and thought this isn't something we should only have once a year.

The Pigs In Beach Towels are Sainsbury's own jumbo sausages wrapped in streaky bacon. They come pre-skewered as well for easy grilling.

Pigs In Beach Towels are currently available in a four pack for £4.50 at your local Sainsbury's.

So what do you think FoodTribers? Are Pigs In Beach Towels going to be on your list of BBQ season must haves?

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Comments (5)

  • I would give them a day in court.

      9 days ago
  • Looks like an opportunity to make Bread Sauce! ;-)

      9 days ago
    • As an American the thought of bread sauce terrifies me, but if it’s actually good, then I’m glad people like it.

        8 days ago
  • Don't do it, all-year-round hot cross buns ruined hot cross buns

      9 days ago
    • Yeah, I can see how that could happen. There’s something to be said for foods that are only available at certain times of the year.

        9 days ago