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Three brand new chocolates coming to Britain

Delights from Milkybar, Maltesers and Twirl will all be available soon!

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Perhaps predictably with the upcoming Easter celebrations and all-important Valentine’s Day (I’ll refrain from describing this positively, just in case) a surge of new chocolate products have graced the shores of Great Britain.

Although the below products would likely make dismal gifts on their own (I’m more of a flowers man myself, in case you were wondering), they definitely serve the purpose of enabling rampant snacking under the guise of “product testing” or “reviewing”.

Milkybar Cookie Bites

Any preconception that the Milkybar theme is only for the benefit of toddlers should be vaporised from your brain immediately. The characteristic white chocolate is reliably soft and measured, soothing any taste bud craving with an instant burst of creamy charm.

Now, from the adventurous place of Australia-land, Milkybar Cookie Bites are here.

Essentially white chocolate-coated miniature spheres, the bites are filled with chocolate biscuit centres that provide crunchiness of the highest order. Available on the website of GB Gifts for £5.99 a bag, the balls provide a splendidly sweet combination.

Mint Maltesers Buttons

Speaking entirely honestly, I’ve always found Maltesers’ Buttons to look rather unappetising for a sweet treat – those tiny balls sticking out from the chocolate coatings remind me of the eyeball stalks of aliens. It’s ridiculous, I know – but so am I.

The good news is that the Buttons have been developed to deploy a fresh, new taste in a mint variety that has just been launched.

They’ll be landing on Earth on 9th March and will be available in multiple sizes ranging from the smallest snack sized bag (with a recommended price of 66p) to a large re-sealable pouch for £2.09.

Although, what if the mint green is just further confirmation of their alien status?

Mint Twirl Bites

Sticking with the mint theme, Cadbury’s Twirl Bites are now available in minty form from seller GB Gifts.

A sophisticated version of Cadbury’s old fashioned Flake, Twirl Bites are tiny cuboid milk chocolate flakes secured in a solid chocolatey outer shell. In the larger pouch format they are particularly useful for cinema trips and the mint version will add a refreshing kick, likely removing any chance of a Twirl binge becoming too sickly (so, that’s that excuse dead and buried).

The Bites will be available to buy from 10th February and (if you don’t want to have a heart attack look away now) will cost £6.99 for a 135g packet – mainly because they are imported from the other side of the globe. Evidently, the crucial chocolate import empire is not something politicians consider when they rave about banning air travel.

Which new chocolate are you most excited about?

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  • Is there anywhere I could find a part time beer/chocolate testing job? Say between the hours of 6pm to 8pm...

      1 year ago
    • You could turn up at your nearest Aldi and start opening all the products. See what happens

        1 year ago