Throwback to summertime drinks in Belgrade, Serbia

1y ago

So I've got (yet another) new phone and of course I'm going through the annoying process of moving stuff from phone A to phone B. Yes, I hear you, I'm indeed using iCloud but the fact is I always prefer to do it manually because that gives me a chance to look at old pictures and videos and use what I can or scrap what I don't need. So long story short, I was looking the pictures I took during my summer trip to Belgrade, Serbia (yes) and found interesting stuff I wanted to share. You'll find, random things and random order: evidence of my landlord obsessions with rabbits, coffee drinking in a quirky and interesting cafe, my favourite brand of Serbian beer 'LAV', bottles of my favourite type rakija (hard liquor made from fermented fruit, Balkan equivalent to Italian Grappa), which is called Dunja and the view in front of me for my birthday dinner on Ada Ciganlija, a river island that's been artificially converted into a peninsula on the Sava river.

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Comments (2)

  • Is that you drinking water under the yummy drinks sign... Sacrilege...

      1 year ago
    • oh no! that's...em... that's obviously Vodka. Yes. Vodka, of course. Ah! What else..? Vodka, yes.

        1 year ago