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TikTok exclusive shows you how to make Tango Ice Blasts

The days of spending hundreds of pounds at the cinema are over

36w ago

Thanks to the collective joy of watching nurses dance, children sing incredibly badly and people doing strange things with animals (and themselves) video-making site TikTok has seen a blistering surge in usage.

People with seemingly no talent at all can now push all of their suppressed ridiculousness out into the public sphere for everyone to mock and ridicule.

Very much like all social media apps, rarely – amongst the streams of nonsense and insanity – some gems of genius actually materialise. This is what has happened in the case of TikTok user @caughtsnackin.

The channel hosts many useful videos that explain how to easily make famous foodstuffs yourself (including McDonald’s hash browns and Krispy Kreme doughnuts) without the need for massive factories, thousands of employees or a bank balance the size of Richard Branson’s wallet. One of the latest and most popular uploads shows you how to make Tango Ice Blasts at home.

Titled “who else is craving a Tango Ice Blast!?” the video – which has allowed the creative behind @caughtsnackin to rival the prowess of such culinary heroes as Mary Berry, Gordon Ramsay and James May – outlines the four ingredients you need: ice lollies (bubble gum flavour is used as an example, but any will suffice), ice cubes, food dye and Tango.

The ice lollies should first be sliced into long strips before lobbing them into a blender. Afterwards, a handful of ice cubes, a drop of food dye and a generous amount of Tango must be added to the blender before all being mixed together.

Really the whole process looks simple enough, which rather makes me wonder why it takes so long and costs so much to get one at the cinema. The best thing about this shortened process is that you can vary the flavour and colour of the ingredients as much as you like, allowing you to concoct ambitious fantasies to blow the minds of your fellow peers.

Will you be making your own Tango Ice Blasts?

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  • Don't think I've ever had one James. Got any any ideas how to make crests? Before your time. Here's a link to one of their old adverts you might enjoy. It's frothy man...


      8 months ago