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TikToker shares evil hack to steal a slice of pizza without anyone noticing

Come on, now. This is devilish

6w ago

In the words of the world's greatest farmer, Jeremy Clarkson, "I went on the internet and found this".

A TikTok user and pizza chef named @flourb0y recently shared a video showcasing a devious hack to 'steal' a slice of pizza without anyone noticing.

You start by cutting a triangular shape through the centre of the pizza, you then remove that piece, cut the remaining two pieces into four slices each, and you put them back together. As you'd expect, people quickly began commenting to point out that this hack was actually invented nine years ago, in an episode of a British-American sitcom called 'The Amazing World of Gumball '.

"OMG, this is why I have trust issues," one TikTok user said, while another added: "My whole life has been a lie".

What do you think: genius, evil, or both?

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