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Tito’s is having to tell people you can’t use vodka as hand sanitizer

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1y ago

Tito’s vodka is the top-selling spirit in the US. But right now it appears as though people are using the booze for more than just drinking.

Tito’s, which is based in Austin, Texas, has been forced to repeatedly explain to people that no, you can’t use vodka as hand sanitizer.

Amid fears of the spread of coronavirus in the US, and a shortage of hand sanitizer, it seems that people have been using vodka to cleanse their hands.

The vodka maker has taken to Twitter to explain to people that that’s… not exactly a good idea.

Because of the shortage of hand sanitizer and the price gouging online, some have resorted to making their own. But you typically need rubbing alcohol (which has 99% alcohol by volume) mixed with gel in order to make an effective hand sanitizer. Tito’s contains just 40% alcohol.

“As soon as we saw the incorrect articles and social posts, we wanted to set the record straight,” a representative for Tito’s tells Eater. “While it would be good for business for our fans to use massive quantities of Tito’s for hand sanitizer, it would be a shame to waste the good stuff, especially if it doesn’t sanitize...”

Missed marketing opportunity or just good sense?

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  • Blame it on Hollywood where some kind of clear alcohol is poured on every bullet wound.

      1 year ago
    • I would rather just blame stupid people. Cause let’s be real those doing it either because they think it works or because they see people in movies do it are just dumb

        1 year ago
    • 🤣

        1 year ago
  • But Gin?

      1 year ago
  • Freeze put the frozen water out... Maybe u reach 60%🤔🤔

      1 year ago
  • You CAN but you shouldn’t because it won’t work.

      1 year ago