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Tito's Vodka to begin manufacturing hand sanitizer

Made and given to people who need it, for free...

1y ago

Tito's Vodka have been busy since Covid-19 has spread across the world. Two weeks ago, it was clearing misinformation about using (their) vodka as hand sanitiser, Yesterday, Tito's took to social media to announce it was shifting to a new direction temporarily to create hand sanitizers for people who need it.

..all the hand sanitiser produced is going to communities in need for free..

The Alcohol Tobacco and Trade Bureau in the US has allowed permitted distillers to manufacture ethanol based hand sanitizers.

Currently, Tito's Vodka is testing their formula, procuring all resources to manufacture, pack and supply their sanitizer. According to Tito's, they have ingredients and equipment on order to manufacture an initial batch of 24 tonnes of hand sanitizer to be made over the next several weeks, and will continue to manufacture as needed.

They are going to give it for free to people in the community who are in most of need, which will be helpful for those struggling to get their hands on it due to shortages in the market.

In my humble opinion it is good deeds like this that make a difference to the lives of a lot of people in times of need.

This brings me to an important question 👇🏼

Should more alcohol distilleries make hand sanitiser to counter the shortage?

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