Toast with Parma Ham, black sesame seeds and avocado recipe

This isn't just avocado toast. It's Parma Ham avocado toast...

29w ago

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Whether it's mashed, smashed, sliced or guac-ed, I think we can all agree that avocado on toast is the true breakfast of champions. It'll keep you full for ages, it's healthy, it tastes amazing... and making it requires basically zero effort. No wonder it's stolen our hearts.

If, like us, you're a big fan of traditional avo on toast, you're gonna LOVE this fancy Parma Ham version. The creaminess of the avocado goes perfectly with the salty sweetness of the Parma Ham, elevating your morning slice of green goodness to something super special.

Who needs a trendy brunch bar when you've got Parma Ham on your side, eh?

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  • Looks delicious đŸ˜‹

      6 months ago