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Toast with the most: FoodTribe’s 2020 best toaster guide

Find the upper crust with our best toaster guide

1y ago

A toaster is simply one of those items that belongs in every kitchen. The question is: which one? Grilling bread may sound like a simple task, but we’ve found it can be tricky to create the perfect piece of toast – especially when some toasters don’t even fit a whole slice of bread in the toasting slots. But have no fear, FoodTribe is here, and we will ensure your new toaster delivers a perfect slice every time.

The convenient one: Breville Impressions VTT476 toaster

The Breville Impressions VTT476 four-slot toaster is simple to use – and comes with a nifty function that lifts the toast up for you to check how brown it is, then lowers it back down without cancelling toasting. The toaster also does a good job on thick bread, bagels and toasting bread from frozen, meaning you won’t find yourself wishing you’d splashed out a little bit more for that convenience factor. It comes in multiple colours and features a high-gloss finish and polished chrome accents – so there should be one to complement any home.

The convenient one

Breville VTT476 Impressions 4-Slice Toaster

Simple, convenient, stylish and SHINY.

The 'perfect fit' one: Breville 2-slice Warburtons toaster

Are you looking for an answer to the all-important question of ‘which toaster perfectly fits a slice of Warburtons?’ Thought so. Look no further, as the Breville two-slice toaster has been tried and tested with the famous loaf to ensure it fits inside as snug as a bug in a rug. Wave goodbye to those annoying untoasted edges with ‘Amazon’s Choice’ which offers features including mid-cycle cancel, reheat and defrost, and a 'look & lift' function for checking progress without cancelling the cycle. It has variable width bread slots for fitting items such as bagels and crumpets, as well as variable browning control for your personal preference.

The 'perfect fit' one

Breville 2-Slice Warburtons toaster

For when you really, really like Warburtons.

The colourful one: Russell Hobbs Colours Plus toaster

It’s time to add a splash of colour to your kitchen with the Russell Hobbs Colours Plus toaster. Designed in a range of popular colours from black and fiery red to this vintage cream and stainless steel number, make this a toaster you would be proud to display on your worktop. Always find yourself in a rush in the mornings, not aided by a toaster that is too slow? The Colours Plus Toaster has a great function called built-in faster toasting technology which gives you that all-important time to spread your Marmite with the precision it deserves.

The colourful one

Russell Hobbs Colour Plus 2-Slice Toaster

A colour-poppin' toast popper.

The modern but retro one: The De'Longhi Brilliante CTJ4003

The De'Longhi Brilliante is an easy-to-use four-slice toaster that, with its attractive plastic faceted finish, somehow combines both modern and retro looks. But more importantly, how does it toast? Well, firstly, the separate two-slice function means you don't waste electricity and the dial for different levels means that you can toast perfectly – whether it's white bread for your work sarnies, or a dense seed loaf that you’re treating yourself to.

The modern but retro one

De'Longhi Brilliante 4-slot toaster

Oddly satisfying to touch.

The copper one: Russell Hobbs Copper Sunset Eclipse toaster

Another entry from Russell Hobbs. This time it's the Copper Sunset Eclipse toaster, which looks like it’s come straight to our list from Pinterest. Its product description is pretty ‘Pinterest’ too: ‘Combining improved features with distinct style this range portrays the Eclipse effect when the sun and moon are aligned.’ The copper ombre effect is definitely a trend that won’t go unnoticed in your kitchen. It’s also quite trendy in its functions as the four slice toaster features six options of variable browning control meeting all the family toasting preferences; just select the level you favour. If you’re an anxious toaster, the lift and look feature is an added benefit.

The copper one

Russell Hobbs Copper Sunset Eclipse toaster

'Russells' up amazing toast, time after time.

The jazzy looking one: De'Longhi Avvolta toaster

With its retro shape and silver finish, the De'Longhi Avvolta is one jazzy looking toaster, no matter which colour you choose. This four-slice toaster looks like it's wrapped in two-tone ribbons of shiny plastic and features some clever functionality such as a fun browning dial and a handy toast-lifting device, so no burnt fingers. This toaster won the battle for ‘Amazon’s Choice’ and it’s clear why. Pretty and practical... what’s not to love?

The jazzy looking one

De'Longhi Avvolta 4-slot toaster

Marvel at its stripes as you grill your bread.

The simple one: Swan ST19010RN toaster

The Swan ST19010RN toaster is an amazing pick for those who are looking for a toaster with a simple, but decent construction. This toaster boasts a retro design with a high-quality build up and some lovely large buttons on its front side. The dial allows you to choose from multiple browning levels so everyone you are preparing breakfast for can have their slices exactly the way they love them. The toaster even comes with a reheat, defrost, and cancel function. The product retails with two slots for normal bread slices and also includes a removable crumb tray, which makes it easy to clean. And let’s not forget to mention its bargain price!

The simple one

Swan 2-Slice Retro Toaster

For toast as elegant as the Queen's favourite waterfowl.

The all-singing, all-dancing one: Tefal Toast ‘n’ Bean toaster

Just in case you thought you’d seen it all when it comes to the world of toasters, stop right there. The Tefal Toast 'n' Bean toaster is perfect for preparing a delicious morning breakfast in half the time. This ingenious toaster can toast your bread AND heat up your beans at the same time. Although the idea may at first seem a little “studenty”, give it a chance: it actually makes a family breakfast pretty efficiently. This clever toaster cooks half a tin of baked beans in the same time it takes to make your toast. Just add water to the bowl with the included measuring beaker and let the Toast 'n' Bean do the rest. Genius! You’ll be wondering where this toaster has bean all your life. Sorry, we couldn't resist.

The all-singing, all-dancing one

Tefal Toast 'n' Bean Toaster and Bean Maker

Look, it makes beans. BEANS!

The classic one: Smeg 50s Retro Style Toaster

The Smeg 50s retro style four-slice toaster is somewhat of a classic in the toaster world, yet still stands out for its distinctive design. True to form with Smeg products, it comes in a variety of colours, so whether your kitchen is minimalist or bright and colourful, this toaster would fit in seamlessly – especially if you’re fancy enough to have the matching kettle and fridge. This toaster is on the premium end of the toaster scale, as reflected in the price. But if you’re ready to invest in a toaster that will last for years (and one that makes pretty great toast), you’re on to a winner.

The classic one

Smeg 50's Retro Style Toaster

For a matchy-matchy kitchen and damn fine toast.

The 'I just want toast' one: Dualit Classic 2-slot Toaster

Dualit is a brand that’s known for being durable, simple, and boasting a sexy-yet-industrial style that's barely changed in over 70 years. All Dualit toasters are handcrafted at the company's factory in West Sussex, and the name of whoever assembled the particular toaster is etched into the bottom. The key to the Classic 2-slot Toaster is in the low-tech, mechanical construction, which feels very analogue. To toast, simply turn the mechanical dial to desired time and wait for it to spin around. If you’re a no-frills, simple toast-and-butter-and-a-cuppa kind of person, this toaster will likely be right up your street.

The 'I just want toast' one

Dualit Classic 2-Slot Toaster -

Less like a toaster, more like a family member. Call it by its name.

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