- Success! I can now eat all the sand!

Toddlers rejoice, edible sand is now a thing!

Fed up of your kid eating sand? Well, now you can feed them sand and not have to worry!

30w ago

I, as much as an infant, am prone to trying to eat anything that crosses my path. But I'm old enough now to know not to eat sand. Babies and toddlers do not know this, so for them, a sandpit is not only a brilliant way to spend the afternoon, but also an all you can eat buffet. But one TikTok mum has come to the rescue with this ingenious hack, make edible sand!

Yup, whack some Cheerios in a blender and have at them until they are the consistency of sand, pour out into a container, add some toys and badabing, badaboom, you've got an edible sandpit. The video has racked up 2.6 million views making the poster, @elleannachristine #tiktokfamous.

It's not a tricky recipe.

It's not a tricky recipe.

On the front of things, this seems to be a wise idea. Your sprog can play away and eat as much "sand" as it wants. But then isn't it also encouraging children to eat sand? And it seems that the comments section has mixed thoughts on the matter...

I'm no expert on children, so opinions please, good idea or more internet-based nonsense?

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