T​ofu smoothie ​#namedishchallenge

T​his idea came to me after watching Doug, Jane and John C in the one episode of Doug's podcast, so naturally this smoothie is dedicated to them!

2w ago

S​o Doug was asking all sorts of questions to John, and one of them was if he would ever try a chorizo smoothie :D as it's his favorite ingredient (I believe)! And immediately a thought cross my head, TOFU SMOOTHIE!!! Crazy??? I know right :D

M​y initial thought was to use firm tofu, but I wasn't sure how the texture would be affected! But quickly I realized that I could use silken tofu, which is silk (hence the name) and the texture would be perfect!

So here are the ingredients, the star: silken tofu, frozen mango & banana and kiwi! Kiwi was also mentioned in the podcast and actually John said that he wouldn't mind keeping the skin of it in a smoothie! However, I removed it. I couldn't take it that far (maybe next time)!

A​t this point I'm not sure as to whether this would work, but you know I had to go for it! I also added a little bit of water and blended it!

Et voila, the end result :) of course I had to share the joy with my lovely husband (who tries everything I make without any complain)!

T​he verdict:

I​ liked it! The texture was actually really good, very smooth and silky! The taste was good but it definitely can be improved! Overall I'm happy I tried it and thank you Jane, Doug & John for the inspiration!

I​'ll leave the podcast here, in case you haven't checked it out!

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