T​oo early for Easter?

I​ have discovered supermarkets are already on the Easter trail, three days after Christmas!

2y ago

S​upermarkets are already selling Easter Holiday products 3 days after Christmas and people are not happy about it!

C​hristmas has been and the remnants of trifle, turkey and cheese are firmly lingering in households across the world. However, the next holiday is already being sold to us and the supermarkets are stocking up, advertising and promoting Easter already; only three days after the festive day!

P​icture taken today in a supermarket

P​icture taken today in a supermarket

S​till 4 months away, Easter chocolate is appearing on shelves and it is no surprise people have taken to Facebook to express their dismay:

"​What is wrong with all retail companies? Please let us enjoy Christmas, I think it is GREED with them."

"​Would you believe it. Co-op selling Easter Eggs already!"

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W​hat is your opinion on Easter already lurking around the corner? Is the suffocating push from retailers causing holidays to become nothing more than commodities?

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