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Believe it or not, I often find myself binge-watching cooking tutorials on Youtube. It must be something to do with my stomach growls... Anyway, every single channel I see to come across produces some amazing looking food, some of which I would like to attempt myself. These just prove you don't need to be a Michelin Star chef in order to whip up some tasty grub.

Each of these five channels offer something a little different, so it would be worth checking them all out. Whether you're an intense meat lover or a raging chocolate addict. These have it all. Here are my top 5 Youtube cooking channels.

So Yummy

This Youtube has to be the king of desserts. Never before have I seen so many delicious looking puddings. This isn't all they focus on, as they also have a wide variety of dishes but I'm sorry, but some of these chocolate things look unbelievable. The two videos I highly recommend you check out are '19 Cakes and Treats for any occasion' as well as '14 Easy DIY Cakes and Treats'.

BBQ Pit Boys

If you're looking for something a little different and a little meatier to desserts, then this is the channel for you. I stumbled across these guys about a month ago and can't stop watching their videos. They're relaxed cooking style and crazy recipes create a great sense of hunger for any meat eater. However, I would strongly advise to stay away from this channel if you are a Vegan or Vegetarian as it can get quite graphic, especially the stuffed Crocodile one.


Now, this one is great. They also have a great app which I often scroll through. Mostly because I am a big fan of cheesy and bacon filled bread. This channel is great for those quirky and fun recipes which really allow you to escape your comfort zone and make something a little different. They make literally everything here too. My favourite is '4 meals anyone can make' as I can really relate to it...I can't cook to save my life.

Cooking with Sros

If Thai food is your thing, then Sros is the one for you. She whips up some of the best looking Thai meals I have ever seen. They're imaginative too. These dishes range anywhere from 'Monster Sea Snails' all the way to a chicken and coca cola dish.

Gordon Ramsay

Did you really think I was going to make a top 5 list without Gordon Ramsay? He is still one of, if not, the best chef in the world. The fact that he has an active YouTube channel means his content is so easy to access. He has been killing the game lately with some of his videos. His most iconic would have to be his Slow Roasted Pork Belly recipe. Not only does this video have upwards of 25 million views, but it also looks like a delicious meal.

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