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(Part 2)

The Ivy Chelsea Garden
It would be wrong not to mention the crown jewel of Cheslea, The Ivy.

Beautiful inside and out, the outside is always a flush with fresh flowers - it has set the standard across town. The legends are true, everything that you’ve heard with hushed tones and wincing eyes over a large glass of red… it is that expensive, but fuck me its worth it. Feel like a King on King’s Road, just for one day. Or maybe a weekend - Roam the garden like a repugnant toad, dance with porcelain flamingos, swill champagne with the best of them and pretend to be on your best behaviour in your best clobber all in the name of being in chelsea for the day.

Oh, and the food is brilliant. Its the Ivy. Obviously!

It is as if Farmacy came fluttering out of nowhere... bursting into Westbourne grove a beacon of goodness, a white hot light, shining in the groves of Notting Hill. All of a sudden this heavenly concept just swung on into the area - easily the best healthy, vegan restaurant ( as in proper sit down date night vibes ) in the area. The design is impressive, life springs into life in every corner, very tranquil I thought to myself - and the staff are fantastic, only making your experience better and improve on your experience.

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