- T​he colour was nicer in real life.

T​op london chef says Indian home cooking is ‘virtually impossible’

L​atest curry looked like it had been regurgitated by a camel.

1y ago

T​his, despite appearances to the contrary, is a chicken jalfrezi. I made it pretty much from scratch, starting with a paste made from my own garam masala.

I​t was based on a recipe by the great Pat Chapman (of Curry Club fame), but with a modification by me. I cooked the peppers, onions, and chillies separately from the main pan, and in my own spice mix of fenugreek, star anise, and brown cardamom. I was aiming for something a bit like the one served at Indian Zing down the road, with rich and flavoursome chicken chunks accompanied by firm and colourful veg bits.

I​t actually tasted pretty good served with basmati on the heritage Pyrex.

L​ooks terrible, though.

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Comments (30)

  • So where did cooking start? Home or restaurant........🧐

      1 year ago
  • Well done James! My wife also cooked an awesome curry last night with stuff we had in the cupboards. Tasted like it came from the curry house.

      1 year ago
  • The thing about Indian food that you need to Understand is that it may look unappealing, or may even taste not as well as you hope, it'll still be better than anything else. Even our simplest dishes like Kadhi or Khichdi( the sworn enemy of any Indian kid) has more richness and a unique style of preparation than any other cuisine

      1 year ago
  • I invented onion with milk. Tastes very nice actually

      1 year ago
    • Wait til you see my Allegra chicken

        1 year ago
    • We get this pickled in lime juice garnished with sliced fresh green chillies and a sprinkle of sweet cumin to go with the tandoori meats here.

        1 year ago
  • Hey Bim! Guess what? At least you had a damn good go,well done Sir!

      1 year ago