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Top Secret Bar in Montreal

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The best place in Montreal for a cocktail is also the hardest place to find. This place is called "Le 4e mur" (Translates to "The 4th wall).

To go there you have to sign up in their secret mailing list and they will email you where the bar is. If you are part of the secret, you are asked to keep it for yourself, not to ruin others' experience.

This is what google shows you as their address: It is somewhere on the island of Montreal...

From the outside, the bar doesn't have a flashy sign or even it's name on the door. It only says "Detective Agency".

When you open the first door, you are faced with a brick wall. You have to find the right brick to push to get in. It is always funny to bring someone who's never been and watch them take way too long to solve it!

The inside is decorate in a prohibition age style. It is dark and beautifully 30's inspired.

The selection of cocktails is really out of the box, with some containing liqueurs or ingredients that you would not think would go well together, but they are all delicious.

Some drinks also sometimes come with a hint. Gather all the hints to solve the mystery that is described in their menu.

This drink was wearing a dress and had a hint about a dancer being involved in the mystery.

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  • There is a variation on this in Milwaukee. The bar is called the Safe House and you need a secret password to enter. The entrance is unmarked halfway down an alley and takes up a number of buildings in such a way you never really know exactly where your at. Anyway sounds like great fun. Will try to check it out next time I'm up North.

    5 days ago


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